Phaze I - Uprising

1-The essence of humanity
2-Double headed beast
3-Underworld lust
4-Our affliction
5-A thousand fingers and claws
6-8000 miles
7-Putrified souls
8-Troops uprising

Engineered by David Potvin.
Drums Recorded by Dirk Verbeuren at the Die Crawling Studio.
Produced and mixed by David Potvin and Franck Potvin at the Dome Studio.
Mastered by David Potvin.
Artwork by Alain Trehard.

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Phaze I

1-New Archetypes
2-Evolution of a species
3-Stench of their flesh
4-Screams of Dying Dogs
5-The Guide
7-Intensified Elements
8-Going to exist

Engineered by Franck Renault and
David Potvin.

Mixed by Franck Renault, assisted by
David Potvin.

Mastered by Peter In De Betou.
Artwork by Alain Trehard.

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