New Archetypes

Bodies emerge
I find mine among the amorphous concretions
Beauty a mere abstraction to me
I learn how to operate this entity
Emulating our new archetypes

Bodies emerge
New concretions

Strength soul : Beauty
Emerge : Body
New World : Secrets
Shape the new world
The frame : can see
Redemption : Will Bring
Believe : Taking
Even Knowing

Not believing, not even knowing
I can see the frame taking shape
I will bring them redemption
Secrets shape the new world

Elements of near perfectness

I have the power to push the limits
Of flesh creation to soul construction
I can see things as they will be
Knowing what those cells are lacking
And then I'll have to open my eyes
And witness the horror facing me
This new species will never die
I hold the answer in my very palms

My eyes are still shut, my vision
But I can feel them around me
A mix of goodness and pain
Never forgetting what I created
With life they were gifted
And fear will come your way
The dream I had on the last day
Is forged into their lives

Beauty Diverges, secrets forget

Evolution Of A Species

I imagine them alive

Getting their first glimpse of infinity
And all my children will see me
Without any fear nor any doubt
Even if soon will come the time when they'll extinguish

The light of our former sun

Instruments of punishment
Unearthed from immense fields
Extracted from the earth
In the deepest dawning fog

Their throats spitting out the cries
That showed the twisted features
Of their wrenching, destroyed faces
The elements unleash their fury

The ground quakes unrelentingly
Evolution of a species that knows no light
Their lives adapt in a desperate way
The frozen liquid running down their inner bodies
And gives way to an armoring
The irreversible shell of a species that slowly mutates

Passion, Suffer, Ashen, Anger

My answers precede my questions
(The) bowels of the earth cry out

Passion, Suffer, Ashen, Anger

They need this substance
To become a perfect weapon
That will slash you through and through

Strange universe

They come your way one day
Frightened by the anger of the earth
Shrieking in fright as soon as you spot them

Stench Of Their Flech

They will make you prisoner and steal your soul
So don't try to escape
Or they'll break every single one of your bones
And set their dogs on you to devour you
Darkness will come for you
You'll see me and talk to me
(You) think monsters do exist

Eaten away by hunger and suffering
I buy your body from you in exchange of your relief

You shall be saved by the claws of my demons
These creatures who feed on your weakening

The predators advance towards us
Under that thick rain
The drops of a dark oil
That feeds the storms
I can feel this last day
The strength of the fog deepens
Enveloping you until you suffocate
You will weaken in front of these giants
Iron masks or silver-made

Destroying all even the dying
This new life being born right in front of me

Comes from the magic unwinding
I like that terror I can control
Open the valves to let flow
A precious liquid that animates them
Stronger than blood and yet not as precious

Stronger than blood, precious liquid we can control

Stench of your flesh

This people was born to survive
Only the madmen will walk alone
You will step on fields of skulls
And bone dust will fill your lungs
And the stench of your flesh will choke you
And the wrinkling of your skin will give you away
And my children in packs will attack you
And you will be the prey of a thousands roaches

Screams Of Dying Dogs

Easy prayer for forgiveness
But they will never forget you
This community is too unforgivable
Screams of dying dogs

Whose paws melt with acid
They drag you to their pound
Abandon your soon-to-be lifeless carcass
Without even giving it a lethal blow

Cruelty is just the reflection of the soul
They will punish you for what you haven't done
Lead you to extinction
Our feelings have fed them
They will punish you for what you didn't say
And you'll disappear without a sound
Guided right down to the bottom
Guiding you to your downfall

Days may seem peculiar
But nights remain the same
The pilgrims' gold cannot save you

Your life (will be) bartered for heat
My children and I are famished
Time has come to rise
My army's power and wrath
Is gonna build the fractured path
Passing men crushed by despair

But don't feel like helping them there
People know me through their wishes

They seek in me the strength they lack
Hope will not emerge all of sudden
Another form of life will remain
As a result of too many errors

We bring the solution

The Guide

Easy prayer for forgiveness
But they'll never forget you
Only your actions will cure you
Your wounded souls will be avenged
But sacrifice will be at hand
Only our new species matters
And if nobody his life surrenders
We'll never stop hunting you down

The child I was has become
A well-oiled machine

Knowing all the weakness of our enemies
The absence of a God emboldens me
And whomever wished to capitulate
Would be killed, then dismembered
His body would become our property
A shell for a new child

Your workers will raise their picks
But our demons will steal them
Your hearts, your only shield
The battle rages on the field

I am the guide of my army

Intensified Elements

The enemy of my enemies
Our wrath is unleashed
Impossible to resist
Even if lightning strikes me

Ice melts on contact with our hands
My eyes won't betray me
And I'll keep standing to make sure
That no gleam sets ablaze
The strengths of our troops

Before our violence escalates
Because the wrath of the elements has intensified

The strengths of our troops before our violence escalates
Because the wrath of the elements has intensified
We capture your gods' traps
Their panic triggers our pride
Your certitudes are weakening
As they feel the power dominating us
The will to conquer which is in us

The future life awaiting us

The certainty emboldening me
And the beliefs you have relinquished
The offering of your tainted bodies
And the pain you will endure

Our rusted nails bore through your flesh
The wound will never heal
Time for us to master
And take what we have awaited

We steal from you the power to exist
And reopen your former scars

Going To Exist

The sorrow inflicted on you
May not be deserved
But during our deep sleep
We all shared the same dream
The fear that used to consume us has disappeared
The pain of our entrails is gone, nothing can stop us

Now we are going to exist