My name is Franck Potvin. I'm a french photographer...
As we say "I don't know where I'm from, but I know where to go!"

Ten years of taking photos all over Europe for the swiss media group Helvetic Arts (Daily Rock, Murmures etc..), shooting rock bands like Muse, Rammstein, Megadeth, Cave In, Faith No More... and conduct interviews with thousands of bands.

3 years ago, after conducted an interview with a band in a amazing bar, I decided to concentrate a big part of my work on some places and some products I really like : Nice bars, hotels, restaurants, alcool brands, wine and so on.
I love this part of culture.

From St Barth to Bali via Paris, Vienna, Stockholm, Madrid etc... I had the chance to visits so many nice places and meet really cool people.

Doing photos in a place you like is always a real pleasure.

Here you'll find a very short part of what I am doing.
Enjoy and stay cool !