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Buy Unsu Japanese edition On CDJapan

LYZANXIA - UNSU - Japanese Edtn (2006)

Produced by Fredrik Nordström
King Records
Lyzanxia Album : Unsu Japanese edition
1. Wise Counselor
2. Path Blade
3. Ache Power Control
4. Early Phases
5. Strength Core
6. Bled Out
7. Unsu
8. X-Modification
9. Tedium
10. Answer Fields
11. Ascension
12. Defensive Heart
13. Fancy Rides Solution

Line UP :
Guitar/vocals - David Potvin
Guitar/vocals - Franck Potvin
Bass - Vince Perdicaro
Drums - Clement Decrock

JAPANESE EDITION Including 1 Bonus «Fancy Rides Solution».

"Unsu" was recorded in January 2006 at the Studio Fredman in Hyssna (Sweden). We worked on 12 songs to achieve the sound we wanted to create. Unsu is the most brutal Lyzanxia album to date as well as the most groovy. Fredrik Nordström and Patrik J. Sten's work was of the utmost efficiency! The impressive artwork was designed once again by artist Alain Tréhard around the concept "Hand of a cloud" (the meaning of the Unsu kata in Japanese).